American Pie Individual's Gay Gig

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  • American Pie Individual's Gay Gig
  • American Pie Individual's Gay Gig

    Chris Weitz, producer of American Pie as well as sibling of Pie supervisor Paul Weitz, thought one of the most hard component of making his acting launching in the brand-new indie Chuck and also Buck was mosting likely to be kissing to an additional male. However that was before he recognized he would certainly likewise need to sleep with a woman. \"I had actually never ever kissed a man in reality, and also I fidgeted regarding what my close friends and also parents would certainly believe,\" Chris tells television Guide Online. \"Paradoxically, the most challenging scene for me wound up being my love scene with Beth Colt, who played my future wife. She's wedded and also has a kid and since that actually included concerns of principles, kissing a wife was harder for me than kissing a guy.\" Chuck and Buck, which opened up in select cities on Friday, likewise stars Chris's frequent film partner Paul (the duo created the upcoming Nutty Professor follow up, The Klumps, and likewise lately routed Chris Rock

    \"I had never kissed a man in real life, and I was nervous concerning what my close friends as well as moms and dads would think,\" Chris tells TV Guide Online. \"Ironically, the most difficult scene for me ended up being my love scene with Beth Colt, that played my fianc\u00e9e. She's married and has a small child and since that in fact included issues of morality, kissing a married woman was harder for me than kissing an individual.\"

    Chuck as well as Dollar, which opened up in choose cities on Friday, additionally stars Chris's regular movie partner Paul (the duo composed the upcoming Nutty Professor sequel, The Klumps, and also lately routed Chris Rock in Down-to-earth), although this may be their last on-screen collaboration. \"We've had a couple of manuscripts sent out to us to act in,\" Paul says. \"I assume it would be cool to do indie things acting-wise. Chris was much more bored by the experience than I was. I was interested by it.\"

    For now nevertheless, the super-successful brother or sisters will return to work behind-the-scenes, beginning with a follow up to Pie. Although they will not disclose any type of story details of the follow-up, Chris does confess that there will certainly be less bathroom humor this moment around. \"I can not bear to view the shower room scenes [in the initial one],\" he claims. \"It's one of the most softball wit of the entire point.\"

    And also there's even more bad news: Pie deux likely will consist of much less unjustified nudity. \"It is just one of the sacred cows of the teen films,\" adds the auteur. \"It's nearly a demand we had to satisfy. I prefer to that we located various other methods to do that. That's the one component of the movie that feels exploitative.\"