HIV and Gay and Bisexual Guy

Scientists are tallying the consequences of gay culture's fixation on maleness. The prices are greater than you might think.

  • HIV and Gay and Bisexual Guy
  • Is America Ready to Elect a Gay President?
  • HIV and Gay and Bisexual Guy

    Gay, bisexual, and also various other males who reported male-to-male sex-related calla, b<\/sup>are overmuch affected by HIV. Social and also architectural problems-- such as HIV preconception, homophobia, discrimination, destitution, and also restricted accessibility to high-quality healthcare-- impact wellness end results and also remain to drive inequities. Obtain the latest data on HIV amongst gay and bisexual males as well as learn exactly how CDC is making a difference.

    a<\/sup>The term male-to-male sex-related call is utilized in CDC monitoring systems. It suggests an actions that transmits HIV infection, not just how individuals self-identify in regards to their sexuality. This internet content makes use of the term gay and also bisexual men to represent gay, bisexual, as well as other guys who reported male-to-male sex-related contact.b Unless or else noted, information in this internet content are for grownups and also adolescents aged 13 and also older.

    Is America Ready to Elect a Gay President?

    Pete Buttigieg, the initial openly gay candidate for president of the United States to gather major national attention, has become a leader in the Democratic Event's early nomination competitions. VOA's Brian Padden reports, while Buttigieg's sexual preference has not been a significant concern in the Autonomous race, it would likely become a point of contention in a basic election.