Love, gay( Arranged by Year Descending)

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  • Love, gay( Arranged by Year Descending)
  • Love, gay( Arranged by Year Descending)

    Sophie has actually been oversleeping her automobile. In it is every little thing she owns, however in an envelope in her glove compartment is a ring she purchased for her fianc\u00e9. After an unrevealed quantity of evenings, ... See full recap \"

    Director: Johnny Brillantes|Stars: Melissa Jane Rodriguez, Michael DeCamp, Kelly Ann Thomas, Hayley Honeycutt

    Supervisor: Mansur K. Rashid|Stars: Wyatt Hawk Harris, Devante Mosley, Michal Roxie Johnson, Tyler Hopkins

    \" Melissa Carter is disenchanted with New york city City. Years of bad auditions, failed connections as well as soul-crushing day jobs have actually lastly damaged her spirit. In an attempt to uncover her ... See full summary \"

    Seventeen years of age Jordan Marino's life spins out of control when his daddy Jason is apprehended on embezzlement charges leaving Jordan as well as his mommy Carol damaged and seeking shelter at the regional trailer park.

    See what takes place when freely gay James determines to pursue a heterosexual way of living.

    Ordinary individuals satisfy in a washing solution in Budapest, Hungary as well as they share the exact same thing, their filthy keys.

    Director: Selcen Yilmazoglu Lombardi|Stars: Hera Anderson, Hakan Yildiz, Cigdem Spickermann

    Mert Kara, an university student, travels to the U.S to function as an Au Set yet it in some way turns out to be self discovery, a journey to his soul, which shows him the largest challenge: his sexual preference.

    Supervisor: Selcen Yilmazoglu Lombardi|Stars: Pau Mas\u00f3, Hera Anderson, Hakan Yildiz, Leyla Uner Ermaya

    A down and out stunt male as well as his gay, high-strung film manufacturer relative, on the run from a shylock, hit the mark by producing the very first martial-arts musical.

    Director: Renata Green-Gaber|Stars: Cerina Vincent, Christopher Wolfe, Lisa Catara, Perry Anzilotti

    um rio entre nos, (A River In Between Us), informs the story of a young pair traveling to a little city inland, implementing the opposition between the country as well as city in the Amazonian world, ... See complete summary \"

    A talented but battling professional dancer in New york city City uses his daydreams to leave as well as find love.

    Directors: J. Arcane, Paul Erskine|Stars: William Chris Sumpter, Feathers Wise, Laura Sampson Hemingway, Steve Silver

    A trans teenager girl from the wrong side of the tracks need to choose between the affections of her longtime gay friend and a rich, yet delicate (as well as oh so cute!) cis child from the right side of town.

    Director: Gabriel Shanks|Stars: Nilan Johnson, Catalin Stelian, Cherrye J. Davis, Mitchell Horn

    Supervisor: Gabriel Shanks|Stars: Nilan Johnson, Catalin Stelian, Cherrye J. Davis, Mitchell Horn

    Director: Gabriel Shanks|Stars: Nilan Johnson, Catalin Stelian, Cherrye J. Davis, Mitchell Horn

    Supervisor: Gabriel Shanks|Stars: Nilan Johnson, Catalin Stelian, Cherrye J. Davis, Mitchell Horn

    Supervisor: Gabriel Shanks|Stars: Nilan Johnson, Catalin Stelian, Cherrye J. Davis, Mitchell Horn

    Director: Gabriel Shanks|Stars: Nilan Johnson, Catalin Stelian, Cherrye J. Davis, Nathaniel P. Claridad

    A clumsy loner sheds herself on the planet of drag kings and social espionage while reviewing the journal of a dead associate.

    Throughout the race for the Globe Collection, Randy Drefyus - the good-looking, wedded, stunningly skilled shortstop for the Los Angeles Valley Vikings - discovers he's fallen for the group's 2nd baseman.

    Supervisor: J.R. Niles|Stars: Nicholas Downs, Julia Parker, Stacy Sullivan, Lawrence R. Leritz

    Tensions climb as two really different siblings, one a gay teenager and the other recently selected investigator, enter into extremely unhealthy connections that threaten to not just uproot their lives yet their very presences.

    Supervisor: Dustin Hubbard|Stars: Frankie LaPace, Sam Peterson, Jack Waterloo, Melissa Matisko

    One male receives an unexpected browse through from a 2nd male, with whom he recollects about a life and also love they both shown to a third.

    Supervisor: A.R. Mavero|Stars: Julian Gavilanes, Donnell E. Smith, Travis Bratten, Mary Ann Axelsen

    The tale of 2 British teenagers, Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring, at an all-boys grade school. Charlie, a high-strung, freely gay overthinker, and also Nick, a pleasant, soft-hearted rugby ... See complete summary \"

    A former Greek diving champion and an eccentric German pupil take a daring road-trip of rediscovery from Bari to Bavaria.

    Director: Stelios Kammitsis|Stars: Vasilis Magouliotis, Anton Weil, Pier Andrea Bosna, Vassilis Dimitroulias

    A movie based upon real occasions, residing in a LGBTQIA area, facing discrimination, HIV, and also love.

    Supervisor: Pierre-Nicolas Panasci|Stars: Gianna Aspencade, Kristian Boulter, Nicole Carney, Blair Cowen

    The caring tale of the long-lasting love in between Tom and also Joe, from their first simple conference in the 1970s, a world only simply waking up to homosexuality, with to their heartbreaking final days, years later.

    Supervisor: David Hastings|Stars: Simon Bamford, Charles O'Neill, Ernest Vernon, Joseph Hennion

    University student Xiang meets law enforcement agent Vic on the basketball court. They swiftly fall in love.

    \" Finding With each other\" informs the love story between Eddie as well as Byron, a pair that begins their partnership before COVID-19 as well as are required to browse the difficulties that the pandemic ... See full recap \"

    Director: Liam Kershaw-Calvert|Stars: Connor Asprey, Jack Davison, Charlotte Mai Johnson, Moli Bethan Williams

    Charlie, a young Oriental American man, uncovers he has a superpower (!) that's not extremely helpful - It's only caused when Charlie is \"talking dirty\" also known as narrating grown-up romance audiobooks in ... See complete summary \"

    Supervisor: Kurt Kanazawa|Stars: Natasha Tina Liu, Kurt Kanazawa, Tramayne Tirrell

    Tom\u00e1s, a gay teenager from a tiny coastline town in Chile, lives daydreaming at the beat of pop-music. During a summertime day he sees his crush once again, Benjam\u00edn, and also motivated by his music he ... See full recap \"

    Supervisor: Jos\u00e9 Manuel V\u00e9lez|Stars: Rodrigo Calder\u00f3n, Domingo Jeame, Daniel Candia, Bianca Figueroa

    Prince Wilhelm gets used to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska, yet following his heart verifies extra tough than prepared for.

    One warm day, the wedding of Ryu Ho Seon and the stunning bride-to-be Choi Hwa Jin starts. Yet on the first night, the bride-to-be he anticipated is questionable. It's not a woman, however a man. Choi Ki Wan, ... See complete recap \"

    When Naomi knows she is queer at 23, she needs to press all her sex-related adolescence right into one year in order to stay on the life schedule she has actually established for herself.

    Supervisor: Monica Zanetti|Stars: Clare Cavanagh, Sophie Hawkshaw, Nat Jobe, Alexandra Morgan

    Romain, in his thirties, has just been disposed by his sweetheart. Lonely and also enchanting, he attempts a dating application and will make two shocking experiences in a two-star hotel.

    Supervisor: Benjamin Belloir|Stars: Baptiste Carrion-Weiss, Daphn\u00e9 Huynh, Shane Woodward

    Gene is an expert writer, whose publisher suggests he attempt composing a various and brand-new genre-Boy Love. Accepting the difficulty, he composes a Y story that is both acclaimed and also readily successful that it obtain adjusted into a BL drama.

    Stars: Noppakao Dechaphatthanakun, Poompat Iam-Samang, Suppacheep Chanapai, Wasin Panunaporn

    Austin, a college jock house for the summertime, suddenly establishes feelings for Celebrity, his parents' non-binary pool cleaner, and also battles to hide his growing sensations from his inner circle of straight friends.

    Track Shi On is a hopeful modern dancer who has just recently been thrown out of your house by his family, while Jin Hong Seok gave up on his dream to dance and currently lives off his ... See full summary \"

    Timid keyboardist benefiting S. Korean music tag uncovers stunning male street singer, is petrified, dropping in love prima facie. He shows the video clip to his manager, providing the vocalist a possibility in the sector as well as a place in his heart.

    This LGBT brief informs the story of a pleasant, yet shy as well as insecure recently out secondary school student collecting the guts to ask his football jock crush to a dancing.

    Supervisor: Brian Tognotti|Stars: Donovan Napoli, Rio Padilla-Smith, Elsie Arisa, Sherri Z. Heller

    Actor Kang Search Engine Optimization Joon (Child Woo Hyun) was once one of South Korea's largest and most prominent celebrities, but his occupation is currently in decrease. However regardless of his autumn in popularity, he believes he has had ... See full recap \"

    Would certainly you have an affair with your employer? When a young realty agent, Marc, commemorates his large sale over a nightcap with his married manager, Tom, he quickly locates himself in dangerous waters ... See complete recap \"

    Harry has been partying for two days when he satisfies Johannes on the dance floor of a club in Berlin. With 15 hours till his trip home, Johannes supplies to aid him publish his boarding pass ... See full recap \"

    Director: Daniel Sanchez Lopez|Stars: Matthew James Morrison, Alexandros Koutsoulis, Louis Labron-Johnson, Hanno Jusek

    The Eye's Of A female As well as Guy is about a girl called Julie trying to find her soulmate and all the while Jarvis remains in search of the same thing. The story takes a turn when Julie falls in ... See complete summary \"

    Directors: Cassandra Askew, Errance Davis|Stars: Miranda Bryant, Dennis Groves, Howard Hines, Dewitt Seiferth

    Antonio is a 30 yo husband, whose life finds an unexpected twist when he's instantly unloaded by his husband, whom he depends both mentally and also financially: he needs to locate a brand-new ... See full summary \"

    Supervisors: Alessandro Guida, Matteo Pilati|Stars: Giancarlo Commare, Eduardo Valdarnini, Gianmarco Saurino, Michela Giraud

    The business of a West End play discover their minds racing over past and existing anxiousness when a nearby terrorist assault compels them to take shelter underneath the streets of London.

    Supervisor: Timothy Reynard|Stars: Maynard Eziashi, Amaka Okafor, Zulekha Chaka, Will FitzGerald

    Mario makes a decision to tell his household the reality about himself. But when he is lastly ready to come out in front of the whole household, his older bro Vicente ruins his plans.

    Supervisor: Hsu Chien Hsin|Stars: Felipe Abib, Am\u00e9lia Bittencourt, Alice Borges, Nando Brand\u00e3o