Am I Gay? (For Primary Students, Girls and boys)

The European Court of Justice policies evacuees asserting asylum on the basis of their homosexuality must no longer undergo "tests" to show it.

  • Am I Gay? (For Primary Students, Girls and boys)
  • Gay pride flag introduced into space 'to spread out peace'
  • Am I Gay? (For Primary Students, Girls and boys)

    You're Doubting your sexuality, and wondering if you might be Gay. I am a proud Bisexual, And also I wish to assist others who are questioning their sexuality.: D

    Gay pride flag introduced into space 'to spread out peace'

    Growing Tranquility, a US-based charitable group that seeks to \"spread out peace in a hurting world\", introduced the flag near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on 17 August.

    The balloon captured video with a GoPro cam as it drifted 21.1 miles (34.1 km) above earth for three hours.

    Organisers stated they intended to proclaim room gay pleasant, \"in a tranquil, gorgeous way\".

    The balloon provided the flag simply over three hours precede prior to it went back to earth

    The non-profit team desires gay people to feel safe in every edge of deep space

    The balloon and also its flag returned to earth, however the episode was recorded in striking footage that reveals the planet's surface area from above, with the sun beaming behind the flag.

    The non-profit group said: \"The key objective of this affirmation is to sustain the continuous defend the basic human rights of our LGBTQ [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans as well as Queer] household, relocating us closer to a global understanding that all people should have to live easily as well as love openly without worry and discrimination.\"

    It added that the stunt stressed the need for the gay area to have a risk-free area in every edge of deep space.

    As well as gay legal rights advocacy, Growing Peace runs altruistic help tasks and ecological efforts throughout the world.

    It just recently made headings during the Republican politician National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, with a billboard that showed US governmental prospect Donald Trump as well as then-aspiring Republican candidate Ted Cruz poised to kiss, with the slogan \"Love defeats Hate. End homophobia\".

    The group spent for a signboard in Ohio revealing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in a clinch in July

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