Are you considered gay if you discover trans females attractive?

  • Are you considered gay if you discover trans females attractive?
  • Are you considered gay if you discover trans females attractive?

    If you're drawn in to the penis specifically after that many people would certainly claim that is rather gay, yet if you're attracted to whatever else, as well as they pass well, then there is really no difference between that and also a biological lady in terms of what is going on in your mind. If you are aware that a person is MTF yet you're still attracted to them, after that maybe argued that you're still attracted to their womanhood which is basically straight.

    I don't necessarily find penises eye-catching with the only exemption is if they exist on a women type body, would you claim it's also nuanced to call for a binary answer?

    From a sexual viewpoint does being brought in to them having a penis along with having feminine features not make me gay?

    Well if you are attracted to their womanly functions after that no. If nevertheless penis is what obtains it helping you, then yeah that's gay.

    You shouldn't stress too much regarding being either heterosexual or gay or emotionally sick or whatever.

    There is a spectrum (talking about tourist attraction, not gender identification) from 100% gay to 100% directly; you like shemales, or a minimum of aren't turned off by the penis, which necessarily can't be 100% directly. Yet I think you do not intend to make love with unshaven muscly guys, do you?

    Simply curious greater than anything. I believed bisexuals were people that are attracted to males and females. I've seen individuals comment on this string claiming that it's a range, yet if someone asked me \"Are you gay?\" and also I claim \"Well you see it's not a basic yes or no answer, I'm on a spectrum\" I think people around me would certainly start to check out me a little amusing. Which makes me assume this is some kind of intrinsic concern with me or them or my prick ...