Gay Alien Stories

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  • Gay Alien Stories
  • Harlem Gay Prevent Alibi Lounge Burglarized Again

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    Gay Alien Stories

    GayDemon's Stories: On this page you can discover sexual fiction where you can review gay sex with aliens and also monsters from outer space noted by date.

    A boy relocates right into his uncle's house, a large Georgian house, but quickly learns that all is not quite as it appears.

    Abducted, nude and also alone, a guy is raped by his, hopeless as well as helpless, an alien dedicates an unforgivable act in order to maintain the continuation of his varieties. Even if it implies he will ruin the human he liked.

    Pete, a writer, is abducted by a weird alien race, however his buddy Mike sees what is taking place and also leaps at the possibility it uses. When they wake up in Pete's residence, a number of things have actually changed permanently ...

    Mark was abducted by aliens. He was one of a number of gay guys that were being made use of as short-term sex slaves and unusual infant incubator. They were fucked by master aliens that were dog breeders. Mark and also Co would deliver a couple of days later.

    Extra journeys throughout bondage. The kinkiest yet with even more to orgasm later on. This has a bit extra story line initially. I wanted to offer tips for future stories too.

    A blowjob Disrupted by aliens component 1. (Edited and cleaned up new version, enjoy!)

    Topics: Anal Sex, Rimming, Big Prick, Jerking Off, Hairy, Relationship, Large Balls, Aliens

    Colton Nicks, Chris Adams, and also 3 other individuals get one of the most erotic alien sex of their lives.

    35 year old Trey Wallace is going to see discover initially hand if there is smart life somewhere else. However what will it cost him?

    A guy is sent out on an objective to keep track of an area: Particularly mine! How I fulfilled my There's no sex in this one yet it'll establish the setup and that the storyteller is.

    Aliens tough core sex and shed likes are the subject of this tale. It is action jam-packed as well as more than your average read as well as wank. It is the very first story I ever created and I hope you enjoy it. Lots of phases to come! Want to speak with you quickly!

    Daniel, a planet gay male, was abducted by the aliens. The aliens looked specifically like humans, the handsome ones. Their strategy was to research human male's ejaculation system. And also they injected international fluid right into his prostate and also testes which could make him ejaculate his seeds over and over.

    Reptilian Alien life forms have come down on the Earth, their goal is conquest of earth Earth.

    alien beings from an additional dimension have actually concerned world earth to taken over all rubberized humanoids to transform them into sexdroids

    Youthful teen young boy gets a vintage wetsuit that ends up being possesssed by an evil alien mind

    A Cadet wakes up to the surprise of an alien tentacle beast and experiences with excruciating, yet pleasant sex. Enjoy ...

    Major Bator and also the Jackonauts team are celebrating Shirtless Saturday - when three warring aliens disrupt. Can Major Bator reverse their stratified society and return to winning the Best Upper body contest?

    Two aliens disguised as a soccer gamer and also organization man obtain drawn over by 2 police bikers ...

    As he beings in the bathroom delay, unseen arms from the alien in the next delay slither under the stall over to him.

    Picture obtaining a good-looking new look, but being sought by evil aliens as a result of it!

    Aliens seek a selfconscious young man using a human skin match since he's sick of being hideous. He makes friends with an android while escaping from evil aliens!