Gay Embarrassment Stories

  • Gay Embarrassment Stories
  • Gay Embarrassment Stories

    GayDemon's Stories: On this page you can find sensual fiction where you can review gay guys humiliated by various other guys provided by day.

    Nailed for an Attire Code of Armed force Justice offense, a seafarer is stripped as well as invasively looked for contraband as shipmates enjoy the spectacle.

    Topics: Fisting, Voyeurism, Embarrassment, Armed Force, Discipline, Supremacy, Assplay

    It's Muster Sunday, the day the men in the dorm go through their initial examination of Military Skills. 2 reputations are riding on their efficiency: their own, and Craig's as a tutor. Sadly, someone is hell bent on ruining points for them ...

    The journey for Manhor has started. Repayment is a bitch which's what he becomes, a bitch in an unclean cell, put under medicines and also being completely humiliated

    Trapped Manhor has a negative day when he has to accept his role as slave, his new master and also some actually unclean stuff.

    Manhor needs to endure an abuse that will leave him out of breath. He'll never ever be the guy once again he was in the past.

    Topics: Arab, Muscle, Poppers, Bondage, Embarrassment, Interracial, Sweat, Armpits, Rape

    Ricky is getting tired with entry training so no longer a requirement to be gentle with him. I'm about to fire him so why keep back? And afterwards there is young Mark, 17 years old and also a virgin. He is so silent and also obedient, no resistance, as well as remarkably daring. He is shy as well as yet it is apparent he wants to be educated just how guys make love.

    What happens when you go across an ancient curse with today's contemporary United States Marine Corps? You get a number of randy Evil one Dawgs searching for action, adventure, love, as well as sex!

    A 28-year-old submissive Arab houseboy who's an outright pig and also venerates White guys finds out that he has extra in common with his employer and also master than he has actually thought.

    Topics: Piss, Arab, Embarrassment, Verbal, Smells, Small Cock, Degradation, Entry, Houseboy

    This Leinster's Banquet was loaded with ass from both Yorkish and Frankish. Many thanks to Patrick, the Emperor's butt is also on the menu which he provided right to his father, for a cost.

    Topics: Piss, Embarrassment, Incest, Medicines, Historic, Felching, Farting, Smells, Destruction, Supremacy

    A monster wrestler joins international military as a mercenary. He takes spoils of war to feed his bisexual sex needs. Some fall in love with him and also take advantage of his protection.

    Topics: Black Men, Eastern Guy, Voyeurism, Hooking, Embarrassment, Interracial, Historical, Bareback

    Recently I have actually been believe a lot about my past and sine occasions that may have led me to where I am today, a submissive bottom, locked in chastity.

    Just when Nick assumes his previous housemates can sink no lower, they do something that completely shocks him. In this circumstances, it's the kids' playroom, that everybody delights in, well, besides one, however it does stimulate Nick onto hatching out a strategy to leave his yoke.

    A caught giving up competitor forced to protect himself in a man to man unarmed fight, with his ass put on stake.

    Twenty year old, bear-cub, Hunter Kelly has a girlfriend and also a good job and also what seems a typical life. He sees a deceptive sex-club called The Kennel after work, however, and when he's there, he becomes a totally various guy.

    Topics: Straight Guys, Bondage, Vibrator, Embarrassment, Feet, Orgasm Swallow, Bear, Foreplay, Entry

    All of a sudden it showed up, that frustrating loss of control. My body was currently manager, my brain reduced to a peanut. Now my hips were shooting hugely back and forth. I was wheezing as if I had a cardiac arrest.

    My opening was asking for dick the other day. I left work early and also within 3 hrs I had taken four loads

    A couple of days after the team scene, I received an additional message from Diego. It reviewed, \"faggot 6\". I translated that to suggest be there at 6. I replied \"k\". It was only a little after 3pm at that time as well as I knew I intended to leave work early.

    A twenty year old kid is kidnapped by an old individual from work as well as becomes his nude hostage for 5 days

    As Jason's and also Paul's partnership deepens, they end up being homeowner with each other. Jason, constantly pushing Paul's limits leads Paul right into an exploration of his sexuality and also sensualism. Paul pitches a fit to get Jason's focus. Paul obtain's punished in a stunning means.

    Topics: Black Guy, Rectal Sex, Rimming, Spanking, Humiliation, Punishment, SM, BDSM

    Topics: Black Men, Anal Sex, Public Sex, Rimming, Paddling, Embarrassment, Punishment, Face Fuck, SM, Foreplay, BDSM

    This was supposed to be simply a fun night to see some individuals linking. Just how did I end up being the focus of an entire sex club? Currently if only they would certainly take the gag off me so I can tell them they have the wrong person!

    a faggot sends to his Master's orders without question and also is made to offer like a good bitch, wishing for an incentive and also wishing to be a great puppy.