' Days of Our Lives' Gay Wedding Celebration Causes Mixed Responses Amongst Viewers (VIDEO)

Days of our Lives fans like Will Horton's love story with Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) however wonder if Chandler Massey's gay in reality?

  • ' Days of Our Lives' Gay Wedding Celebration Causes Mixed Responses Amongst Viewers (VIDEO)
  • ' Days of Our Lives' Gay Wedding Celebration Causes Mixed Responses Amongst Viewers (VIDEO)

    NBC's \"Days of Our Lives\" will make background once again by airing the initial same-sex wedding celebration in between 2 men today. Starting today, the program will feature the wedding of Will Horton as well as Sonny Kiriakis, which will wrap up on Friday. Visitors' responses to the wedding event have actually been very blended, highlighting the divide between those who sustain gay marital relationship as well as those who do not.

    \" Days\" is no stranger to questionable storylines. There have been marriages, divorces, deaths, resurgence of personalities, memory loss, rape, blackmailing, events, and also who could forget the infamous ownership story? The program made a decision to tackle the issue of homosexuality virtually three years ago with the intro of character Sonny Kiriakis, played by Freddie Smith. His personality was the very first gay personality and also helped Will certainly Horton, played first by Chandler Massey and also now by Person Wilson, reveal his very own homosexuality.

    The storyline divided fans but gained the program, and also Massey, a number of Emmy nominations. Massey took home the Emmy in 2012, becoming the initial gay personality on a daytime drama to do so. His personality later fell for Kiriakis, as well as both got involved earlier this year. Now they will exchange pledges in the imaginary town of Salem, Illinois. The wedding event, nonetheless, will certainly not be officiated by a clergyman or member of the clergy but rather by Horton's grandma, Dr. Marlena Evans, played by Diedre Hall.

    \" That's it, I'm kicking 'Days Of Our Lives' off my Tivo,\" Born Again posted on Entertainment Weekly's website. \"Can't a woman appreciate her favorite daytime drama without going through this immorality?? I do see it [' Days'] and I recognized the gay characters. I simply never dreamed that the program would place this stain on the sacredness of marital relationship that straight individuals have maintained beautiful for numerous centuries.\"

    \" Will as well as Sonny's storyline is simply following what is taking place in the real world,\" Merrillyn Watts uploaded on the program's Facebook web page. \"I am glad the show is take on sufficient to select it.\"