* Looter * Could Have Tim Kono Been Gay?

'90 Day Fiancu00e9' has had a number of participants of the LGBTQ area in current periods, as well as followers are hoping Armando and Kenneth will certainly make it through to the end.

  • * Looter * Could Have Tim Kono Been Gay?
  • * Looter * Could Have Tim Kono Been Gay?

    But Mabel does say maybe the Tye Dye person was his fianc\u00e9. She was simply challenging their view of the globe. Yet she did know Tim.

    It is an opportunity. Mable does say the main risk to Oliver as well as Charles is colon cancer and societal change, so challenging their views is most definitely something she would do.

    I asked yourself if he was gay and also also wondered if he and also Howard had actually been an item at one time which's why he had the pet cat playthings in his house. I was believing Howard was in fact upset at an unpleasant separation yet really did not wish to reveal that somehow.

    i had a concept with this. possibly tim and the dimas kid were entailed which's why tim never exposed the murder (was dimas son) sick link my complete theory:

    I concur! There is an opportunity he was bi. Mable did know him for a very long time.

    I really hypothesized on this in a reddit post. I assumed Oscar ripped off on Zoe with Tim at the celebration bc that would clarify why he was with them when they were combating as well as he observed her get killed. Likewise why he would not want to state anything about Oscar to the police (possibly afraid of outing himself). There's the reality that Mabel suggest Tye-die individual might be Tim's partner.

    A commenter also pointed that Oscar patted Tim on the butt when they were preparing for pictures.

    I am rather sure those were pet cat playthings however, not sex toys. Though if they were, I in fact don't believe they would hint at him being gay. Straight men make love toys also (fleshlights being one example). Pet cat toys would certainly likewise be extra snugly related to the well-known facts and provide more hints to what was going on.