Anon is gay and also based

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  • Anon is gay and also based
  • Anon is gay and also based

    I dislike women and I'm not gay. I feel that the penis is the remarkable sex-related body organ, I such as the means it looks, vaginal areas are weird looking. I wouldn't have sex with a male since I'm not gay yet I obtain why gays are so activated by other guys.

    It's more that I'm only attracted to individuals as well as am extremely thankful I don't need to manage females

    I understood an individual that actually started experiementing with gay sex-related acts( fellatio for the most part) because he simply finds vaginal canals disgusting.

    He always claimed, he falls in love and he really feels the desire, but the minute he sees the genital areas its over for him. Last I read about him, he was really coming to be a routine at a gay bar.

    If it works for him, that's fine with me. Therapy looking into his disgust for the female genitalia could still deserve a shot imo. Whether it changes something or otherwise.

    The inquiry OP is baiting you right into. Because he understands most of us hate ladies, he's attempting to link that idea with homosexuality. Basic sorcery my friend.

    If it weren't for all the religious bullshit and the sex with young boys component a lot a lot more males would certainly be clergymans.